Price Teaching Award Nomination Form

Price Teaching Award Nomination Form

About the Award
The Price Teaching Awards acknowledge the sustained and ongoing contributions and dedication in teaching by both tenure and tenure-track faculty and part-time faculty at NSCAD University. These awards are presented in honour of J.H. and Mamie Price by Dr. Sarah McKinnon and Mr. Peter Dawes. J.H. and Mamie Price were both educators.

There are two awards available:

      • One for full time faculty
      • One for part time faculty

In 2024, the awards will be valued at $1,000 each.

*A call for nominations will go out in March. There will be a four-week nomination period. Students, faculty, and technicians are invited to complete an online nomination form during this period. Winners will be announced at the graduation ceremony.

Nomination Criteria
Nominations for the award will speak to a candidate’s excellence in terms of a proven commitment to enhanced student engagement and learning, and dedication to student success. Though they may also provide other evidence of teaching excellence, nominations should address all or most of the following criteria:

      • thorough preparation and organization for classes and workshops;
      • rapport with students and enthusiasm for teaching;
      • approaches to teaching and assessment that respect diverse student learning needs;
      • fair and clear assessment methods that are aligned with learning outcomes and instructional

These criteria are modelled on some aspects of the nomination guidelines for the Association of Atlantic Universities Award for Distinguished Teaching.