Individual Travel Subsidy Application

Individual Travel Subsidy Application

NSCAD University understands the value of travel on a student's education. In particular, travel to attend conferences, festivals and / or conduct research is important in shaping a well-rounded educational experience. To that end, we can provide some funding for students to participate in these experiences while they are in study. Each academic year a nominal fund can support up to $800 per applicant as resources permit.

Successful applicants will be expected to share their travel experience with their peers both in class and in studio settings and submit a written summary or report of their travel experience.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be registered in an undergraduate or graduate program at NSCAD as a full-time student (9-15 credits / semester or 6 credits for a student with a registered accommodation) and maintain that status throughout the semester in which the award is to be distributed.

Eligible Travel Expenses
Eligible travel expenses include travel to and from a destination, attendance fees and accommodations.

Application Deadlines
Fall Semester - September 15th
Winter Semester - January 15th
Summer Semester - April 10th